The History of The Lord of The Rings: The Fourth Phase (2): From Bree to the Ford of Rivendell

Fifth Day After Weathertop, by Ted Nasmith

We approach the events at The Prancing Pony close to the published version, including the fact that Trotter is now definitely a man, whose true name is later given as Aragorn. But there are still some differences. Barliman relates the … Continue reading

The History of The Lord of the Rings: The Fourth Phase (1): From Hobbiton to Bree

Gollum is Defeated, by Ted Nasmith

The seventh version of ‘A Long-Expected Party’ finally nearly reaches its final form. But there is still no argument between Gandalf and Bilbo about leaving the Ring behind for Frodo. Neither wizard nor hobbit yet know its exact nature. ‘Ancient … Continue reading