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“The Power of Story – Telling a Story Within a Story” – Mythic Scribes, May 2016

“Frodo, Sam and the Valar”The Fellowship of the King, March 2016. Originally appeared in Amon Hen, January 2015.

“The Effect of War on Tolkien’s Mythology”Amon Hen, March 2016

“‘I Have Something To Do Before the End’: The Journey of Samwise the Stouthearted”Journey & Destinations, The 22nd Tolkien Society Seminar (2009), published 2015.

“‘Where Shall I Find Rest?’: “The Sea-Bell” and the Post-Traumatic Stress of Frodo Baggins” – TolkienBritta, October 2015 

Hearkening to the Horns of Hope and Love: What The Lord of the Rings Teaches Us For Today – TolkienBritta, November 2014

“How To Write Captivating Villains”Mythic Scribes, October 2014

“What Hobbits Can Teach Us, Part 3” – This  concerns Sam. TolkienBritta, September 2014

“5 Ways to Build Stronger Characters”Mythic Scribes, July 2014

“What Hobbits Can Teach Us, Part 2” – This is what Frodo teaches us – TolkienBritta, May 2014

“What Hobbits Can Teach Us, Part 1” – This is about Bilbo. TolkienBritta, April 2014

“The Role of the Narrator in Tolkien and Lewis” – Beyond Bree, April 2014

“Tookish Dreams”TolkienBritta, March 2014

“There is always hope: Lessons from Middle Earth” – Amon Hen #246, March 2014.

“5 Reasons Why Narration Can Work in Fiction”Mythic Scribes, March 2014

“Creation and Sub-Creation in Narnia and The Timeless Halls”Beyond Bree, February 2014

“The Enigmatic Presence of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry” Amon Hen #244, December 2013. Also available in French.

“Dragons and the Imaginative Mind of J. R. R. Tolkien”Mythic Scribes, November 2013

“It was Pity that Stayed His Hand” – Silver Leaves #4, 2013

“Eucatastrophe, Fate, and Free Will in the Lives of Beren and Lúthien” – Beyond Bree, July 2013

“The Perilous and Wondrous Realm of Faërie”Mythic Scribes, June 2013

“On Grace” – Beyond Bree, December 2012

“My Brother’s Keeper: The Spiritual Kinship of Frodo and Sméagol” – Amon Hen #238, November 2012

“One Lucky Hobbit: The Spiritual Journey of Bilbo Baggins” – Beyond Bree, July 2012

“The Sacrifice of Frodo” – Amon Hen #236, July 2012

“The Measure of Love”  and “Heart of Darkness”Silver Leaves #4, 2012

“‘You have been chosen’: The Spiritual Journey of Frodo of the Shire” – StAR (St. Austin Review), January 2012.  An extended version was presented at the 2010 Tolkien Society Seminar in Australia.

“Did Frodo Fail?” – Beyond Bree, April 2011

“Hope” – Silver Leaves #3, 2009/2010

“A Man of Quality: Faramir, Captain of Gondor” – Beyond Bree, September 2010

“The Fiat of Ilúvatar’s Children During the War of the Ring” – Presented at the 2008 Tolkien Society Seminar. Published in 2012.


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