The History of The Lord of the Rings: The Field of Cormallen

Christopher Tolkien notes from the beginning this chapter already achieved its final form in almost all aspects. The few differences included the length of time Frodo and Sam were in their induced coma after rescue from the brink of death. It was originally only three days, rather than the much longer period of Sam sleeping through his birthday and waking two days later, shortly after Frodo does. The song of praise to the hobbits included Old English from the Rohirrim in all versions but the published one. Another change was Gandalf placing rings made from mithril on two of Frodo’s fingers. There is no mention of the Ring-bearer’s reluctance to wear a sword or the return of Sting to him.

This chapter ends with an outline for the rest of the tale. Two rejected ideas were the pardoning of Saruman on the way home and Lobelia’s death before the hobbits return to the Shire. It also mentions once Frodo reaches the Grey Havens, he says goodbye to Bilbo. It was foreseen from the beginning, even when Frodo was still named Bingo, that Frodo would go West as well, but the Professor did not know when this would happen. He earlier thought it would be after a much longer stretch of time than it turned out to be. One idea was for Frodo and Sam in their old age to go off together.

Picture from The Lord of the Rings Framecap Library

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