The History of The Lord of the Rings: The Grey Havens

This was originally part of the same chapter that started with the hobbits’ journey home from Rivendell. The first draft is opposite to the published version as to Frodo’s fame in his home country. There is no mention of the Ring-bearer’s two March illnesses, though one appears later on with Frodo being glad Sam is not there because he would have had trouble keeping it from him. “…he was in pain and weighed down with a great sense of darkness, and could do little more than walk about clasping the jewel of Queen Arwen. But after a while the fit passed” (Sauron Defeated 110).

In answer to Bilbo’s question whether Frodo will accompany him, the younger Baggins says he will “before the wound returns” (ibid.).

Art: Departure at the Grey Havens by Ted Nasmith

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